Who should attend?
Anybody who manages other people, from senior managers, middle managers and supervisors.
Course objectives
Work on understanding the principles of performance management
Understand that managing performance is each individual’s responsibility
Understand the paper work involved in the performance management process
Review core principles of maintaining good control and ways of assessing control effectiveness
Approach the performance interview or appraisal with a positive attitude
Maintain themselves in a performance interview
Review the thinking process behind solving performance deviations and outline options for performance problems
Explore ways to build on excellent performance
Identify the best way to give constructive criticism
Work on understanding the importance of constant performance feedback
Ways of rewarding for outstanding performance
Tie the principles of Performance Management with the organisation’s system
Conduct appraisals in a confident and professional manner.
Course information
Maximum Delegates : 15 Suggested 6 - 8
Course Duration : 2 days Suggested 3 days
There is a lot of actual role play, and participation of real life examples required in the workshop, as well as pre-course work and some evening work.