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Who should attend?
Experienced sales people, or team members who have to negotiate either in a selling or buying role. This course is aimed at personnel who want to enhance their existing skills, but have not had any formal negotiation training.
Course objectives
Personal objectives
What is negotiation?
Success criteria and key skills for win-win solutions
Process and principles of negotiation
Positive attitude and approach
Handling different viewpoints
Use of power strategies to influence the negotiation (the 5 p’s)
Developing trust, team exercise
Active listening skills
Handling concessions
Managing the needs of the other party, (links in with communication counts workshop)
Understanding the people side of the negotiation
Offers and counter-offers
Multi-party negotiations (optional)
Introduction to non verbal behaviours (optional)
Course information
Maximum Delegates : 15 Minmum Delegates : 6
Course Duration : 2 - 3 days (depending on numbers of delegates and the agreed amount of exercises and role plays)
The Course relies on honest candid feedback of the participating delegates. There is pre - work that would need to be completed 1 week before the workshop to allow full assessment of individual styles.